Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Life's a Circus


This is undoubtedly how Victor Crist felt when one of his supposed inside people up and resigned just when ol’ Vic thought he could count on his mild adversary’s support. The guy just got up and walked out of the room at last week’s Transportation Commission’s meeting in Tampa, Florida, as reported by Sharon Calvert of Eye on Tampa Bay.

I’ve heard it said once or twice that all politics are local, and indeed, they are. Because no matter where you are, or what the names may be, the situation and struggles are the same. There’s the buffoons, baboons, and sex monkeys. Predators, prey, and peacocks.
The entire zoo can be seen at any given elected official’s meeting. If you’ve ever attended one, you know it’s like a side-show at an amateur circus ~ a dummied up farce not even close to making it to either side of the sought after center ring.

“Order! Orrrrrrder!!!” shouts the mayor of Anycity, USA, almost as if for real being seen in an old crumpled top hat pretending to be somebody, blowing a squeaky whistle with mediocre pride. But the round belled mayor isn’t the only one attracting attention at the carny charade. 

At this tiny flea circus hired magicians make money disappear like water in a bottomless bucket, all the while pulling out that white rabbit labeling it ‘Petey the Progress Porpoise’ paddling his way to new paths of property prosperity. No matter what it’s called, it’s still a rabbit. It’s not something it’s not. But the lemming audiences ooh and ahh over this dingy rodent like creature, mindlessly believing the shiny trickery of the shell game being played on them. As they jump off the fiscal cliff one after the other, they’re either too scared or too stupid to say anything, even though they know it’s nothing more than fancy falsehoods.

“On the high wire, way above the un-netted stage….” the ringmaster shouts....we have those who dare to walk hundreds of feet above the rest, risking life and limb for the accolades of the few who sit below. Lofty low-lifes are heralded as heros because of their Darwinian feats to further prove their own personal insecurity and lack of self esteem. For those who actually do this without killing someone, they’re not chastised by the masses as doing something dangerous, but rather, they’re worshiped for their arrogant lunacy.